DIY Abstract Painting

We moved into our new house 3 months ago.  It’s a new spec house with the typical nearly white walls.  In my attempt to decorate the place on a budget, it was impossible to find anything to go in this space that desperately needed something colorful:


So I decided that we would creat our own artwork.  My first disclaimer is that I am the anti-craft lady.  I am not crafty at all.  In fact, I abhor crafts of all kind.  So I did not undertake this mission to create a DIY abstract painting lightly.

I thought this would be a great lesson for the kids to see how you can quickly and easily seek out and acquire any knowledge that you need. To that end, we consulted our favorite tutors: Google and YouTube.  We also made use of a new friend, Pinterest.

Not wanting a flat piece of art, we watched a couple of videos on adding texture to an acrylic painting.  The two most helpful videos were here:

After educating ourselves for a day and deciding what we wanted, we made a few trips to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  I have learned about the online coupons so I waited till I could get 40% off here and 50% off there.  I had to do this because art supplies are expensive!  The 4′ x 5′ canvas alone was $100 before the 40% off coupon.

We began our project by mixing the colors we wanted and painting the edges of the canves.  We began painting a base coat on the canvas but it was only then I realized that the canvas was HUGE and that I was going to run out of paint trying to put down the base coat.  So we only covered part of it.

diy Abstract art

DIY Abstract art

It only took about an hour for the paint to dry in the Georgia heat.  It was then time to begin the fun stuff.  I admit getting a bit confused with how the texturizing media worked.  I was expecting the mouldling paste to dry translucent but I quickly realized that it was going to dry opaque.  Which meant that much of our base coat was going to be completely coverd up!

diy abstract art 014 015

No worries, though.  This is abstract art, right?  Luckily the Hubs came home to take the kids swimming so I could really get to work on the painting.  This is what it looked like when I was almost done.

diy abstract art

This is what it looked like when I was done.  The photograph doesn’t do it justice. You can’t see all the texture or the gold sparkles.  I definitely need to get a better photo editor.

017 And here it is on the wall.

DIY abstract art 006

I am very pleased with the piece.  It looks great and I ended up spending about $130 for a 4 foot by 5 foot piece of original art.