Skip Counting

Little Big Man is working on his skip counting.  We have several resources that we are using and I wanted to share what appears to be working so far.

First, I purchased the Classical Conversations Foundations CD set.  I’m not a member of any CC community but I thought I could use the memory materials on the CDs for some of the math and science memory work.  I found another wonderful CD from Have Fun Teaching at the Southeast Homeschool Expo.  The young man who produces the CDs and videos was there and he was so sweet, I had to buy one of his counting CDs.  You can find his videos and CDs here. Turns out, Little big man likes the Have Fun Teaching CD MUCH better than the Classical Conversations memory songs so we’re going to use the Have Fun Teaching CD for now.

Just so you’ll know, the Have Fun Teaching Counting Songs CD skip counts up to twelves twelves and then counts down from 20. The kids like it because it has music and it’s fun to dance to as well as sing along.  The Classical Conversations CD is certainly more robust in that it goes up to counting by 15s as well as contains several math laws for memorization.  But, its not as fun.

Another resource I am using is an iPad app called the 100 Board.  While listening to the skip counting CD, I pull up the control for the 100 board.  It has all the numbers listed in rows of 10.  I then point to each number as the song sings along.  We have done this 3 days in a row now and he is starting to try to sing along with the song.

After we go through the song twice in this manner, I then open another app called Skip Counting. The first day I startedworked the app going from 2 through 20.  I then asked Little Big Man if he saw a pattern to the numbers.  Happily, he did see the pattern and was able to pick up where I left off.

I let him go through some of the sequence and then I would do then next few.

On today, our third day of skip counting, he did the whole 100 board by himself, but I still helped him by selecting the numbers.  If your child doesn’t know his numbers this app can be pretty frustration because they are all jumbled up and you have to hunt and find the number.  Little Big Man knows his numbers but he does sometimes get frustrated during the hunt and find portion of the 100 board.  Since this lesson was about teaching a different skill, I thought it best to find the numbers for him to keep him motivated.

When we get to some of the higher skip counting lessons, I’ll incorporate the Montessori beads that I purchased about a year and a half ago. I bought the whole square and cube sets so they will definitely come in handy.

Here are links to all the apps I use or will use for our skip counting lessons.  I will receive a small commission if you purchase any of then through this page.

A Montessori Approach to Math – Hundred Board